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This will make kolla-ansible ignore any copy of certificate from the operator to kolla-ansible managed hosts and will keep other configuration options for TLS as is. If using this option, make sure that all certificates are present on the appropriate hosts in the appropriate location.

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ssl: When used in conjunction with cert_pem and cert_key_pem it will use a certificate as above. If not will revert to basic auth over HTTPS. If not will revert to basic auth over HTTPS. kerberos : Will use Kerberos authentication for domain accounts which only works when the client is in the same domain as the server and the required ...Repository setup - SSL Server and SSL Client. In this section, we will create the certificate for the Repositories (each repo can have its own if you prefer), create the needed keystore (it needs to be PKCS12), create the needed trust store (it needs to be PKCS7) and encrypt the keystore password.

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In this section we will learn how to pass ansible ssh and sudo password using the Ansible variable ansible_ssh_pass and ansible_become_pass. Ansible Privilege Escalation Options . In the Ansible Managed target Node, System Administrator has setup the ansible user password protected to perform SSH and become SudoTo ignore the SSL error, you can use the vcenter_validate_certs: no argument or export VMWARE_VALIDATE_CERTS=no to set the environment variable. Tags: Ansible Guides: Scenarios

Jul 17, 2019 · Website - I can help in the following: - DevOps - DevSecOps - SRE - Continuous Integration & Delivery - Continuous Deployment & Inspection ansible_winrm_server_cert_validation: ignore It is not necessary to have ansible_password in the yml file as having the password in cleartext is unsecure. Instead you can establish a Kerberos session beforehand for that domain or can use ansible-vault as well.