Qt plugin path environment variable

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Plugin-specific resources go under /plugins; everything in the top-level is meant to be of common use across plugins. src: Contains all the C++ source code and headers which are not installed. Plugin-specific code goes under /plugins. test: All integration, performance and regression tests go here, under their specific folders.

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Set the QT_PLUGIN_PATH environment variable to the ... And if you built CTK with QtTesting, you also need to add the QtTesting-build/bin directory into your path environment variable. Don't forget that on Windows, folders are separated using '\' and not '/' Then you can start QtDesignerThis means that Qt will not be able to find its plugins by looking in a folder relative to the EXCEL.EXE application. To fix this you should set the QT_PLUGIN_PATH environment variable to the location of the Qt plugins folder. There is no need to set this globally, as that might conflict with other Qt applications.

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Mar 29, 2018 · GUI applications need the following environment variables forwarded: KDE_FULL_SESSION KDE_SESSION_VERSION DESKTOP_SESSION GNOME_DESKTOP_SESSION_ID XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP QT_STYLE_OVERRIDE QT_XCB_FORCE_SOFTWARE_OPENGL QT_QPA_PLATFORMTHEME There are some more that may make sense to forward, such as KDE_IS_PRELINKED, QT_PLUGIN_PATH, XDG_DATA_DIRS etc ... QML Modules. With Qt 6.2 there is, for the first time, a comprehensive build system API that allows you to specify a QML module as a complete, encapsulated unit. This is a significant improvement, but as the concept of QML modules was rather under-developed in Qt 5, even seasoned QML developers might now ask "What exactly is a QML module".

2.- from <exeFolder>\plugins\platform 3.- from path specified into "qt.conf" plus "\platform" string 4.- from path specified in QT_QPA_PLUGIN_PATH environment variable plus "\platform" string 5.- from path added to QCoreApplication class but, with these methods isn't possible to load plugins from <exeFolder> (I can be wrong!)